Thursday, December 6, 2012

The mighty Klute touches down this week! Klute has been one of the most consistently popular Elements djs since the beginning, and we like that he attracts a wide range of EDM aficionados. In addition to being a stellar dj/producer, his Commercial Suicide imprint releases tracks from heavyweights like Amit, Break, Calibre, Prolix, Nymfo, Digital, Spirit, Chris Su and Hive, establishing itself as one of the bigger players in drum n’ bass. Klute is a sure thing, so don’t sleep! Also it’s our Teddy’s official
birthday celebration!!! Opening set by Crook. Cover $7 before 11, $10 after.

Klute on Wikipedia
Klute on Facebook
Commercial Suicide on Soundcloud


  • DEC 13 FDOT & Basek (Capsulewax | Reset From Start) Boston

Residents: Crook, Lenore & Fox
Visuals by VJ Bonk


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