Jay Prez Memorial Throwdown


The time has come to celebrate the life of our dear friend and brother, the one-and-only Jay Prez, in the most appropriate way we can think of: Elements throwdown style! We are blessed that members of the Prez family will be in attendance, including Mama Prez aka Mrs. President aka Patricia. The cover is $5 and all proceeds will go to the John Hopkins Epilepsy Center, a place that Jay had felt strongly about. Thanks to Bianca and Patricia for their direction in selecting the organization. The DJs, specially curated by Ryan Conte, are listed below.

MC Josiah Scribes

Visuals by Ian Nault, with extra visual assistance from Teddy. See you there Elements fam!




Maztek makes a stop at Elements on his first US tour! The one-of-a-kind Maztek sound appeals to such a wide audience that in a short amount of time, he’s signed releases to a variety of top-tier dnb labels like Hospital, Blackout, ProgRam, Eatbrain and Renegade Hardware to name a few. Opening set by Fox. Visuals by Jeff Mission. Cover $10. I think we all know this is a no brainer.

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Alix Perez


Alix Perez is a dnb hero that needs no introduction. He finally makes his long, long-awaited first US tour this week, and he touches down in Boston! It’s about to get real. Opening set by Lenore. Cover $15

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Belgian born Alix Depauw is the face behind production stature Alix Perez, now regarded as one of the most ground breaking and innovative producer-DJ of his generation. Shortly after his debut release, Alix sees himself catapulted to the fore front of the drum and bass scene carrying an ever growing reputation and sought after catalogue of music.

With a history of critically acclaimed releases on legendary labels such as Metalheadz, V recordings and Soul:R, Alix goes on to sign exclusively to Friction’s very own imprint Shogun Audio, the home of his remarkable debut album “1984”. Straying from the traditional confines of Drum and Bass, 1984 goes onto be one of the most highly anticipated and rated electronica albums of 2009 and beyond, gaining extraordinary reviews and extensive support globally.

With collaborations ranging from legendary soul vocalist Peven Everett to lyricists Foreign Beggars, 1984’s prominence in the history of drum and bass is further cemented with chart topping positions and rare reviews in publications such as the Metro, Mixmag and more. This leads onto remixes for staple labels such as Ninja Tunes for household names such as DJ Food, Hadouken and more.