Concord Dawn


Concord Dawn makes his first Elements appearance in 6 years! This man always brings the vibes, and is responsible for sooo many timeless tracks. Good times ahead. Visuals by Jeff Mission. Cover $10 before 11pm, $12 after.

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Resident Night


Lenore and Fox get back on the decks for this month’s resident night! We’ve got whole batch of new tunes to share with you all so come hang with the fam and get your dance on… Cover $5 before 11, $7 after.

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This week at Elements we have Bitcrusher, a veteran DJ and producer who is sure to bring the pressure!


President of cold fusion production .inc 2000-2006
Nick has been a big influence to the edm events and productions in miami,philly,nyc,boston,burlington and internationally since 1998.

A veteran heavy hitting drum and bass,dubstep and breaks DJ..with a life long draw to music creation nick started out doing live P.A.s with archaic equipment Analog hardware,software and synths… creating rhythms and beats by shaping LFO’s…into a music style all his own..

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Opening set by Fox and visuals by tekt.
Cover $5 before 11, $7 after.

Big & Dope


Big & Dope are back for another Elements! Big & Dope are the combined forces of Fig and Soappy who have made a name for themselves at raves and events all over the East coast with melodic, high energy sets that always please the crowd. Elements is no exception and the pair have headlined several times now and never disappoint. Don’t miss! Opening set by Fox. Cover $5

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