EC Army Presents ‘Homage’: a tribute to the life of Fess One


The EC Army crew throws down in honor of our brother Fess. J-Fuse is even coming out of retirement for this! Visuals by the supreme VJ Yegglet. Cover will fund a charity tba.

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03 EHT (Cycle | 0110 Audio) Boston

10 EC Army Presents: ‘Homage’ – a tribute to the life of Fess One, featuring Miztah Lex + Rubix + J-Fuse + Veloci Oscillator

17 Phoenix Landing 20th Anniversary Party featuring PHACE (Neosignal | Vision | Shogun Audio) Germany

24 DIGITAL (Metalheadz | Function | Phantom Audio | Commercial Suicide | Technique) UK

Residents: Crook, Lenore & Fox
Visuals by Bonk, Jeff Mission, Ian Nault and Tekt