Mr. Matt – Special Birthday Set


Elements is back after two weeks off! It’s been years since we’ve had Mr. Matt throw down, so we’re taking advantage of the brief window that he’s in town to bring him in for a special birthday set! Visuals by Yegglet. Cover $7

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Residents: Crook, Lenore & Fox
Visuals by Bonk, Ian Nault, Yegglet, Massta and Buzi


January 2016 Lineup


07 Mr. Matt – Special Birthday Set (Providence)
14 DUB PHIZIX (Soul:R | Exit Records) & MC STRATEGY (Broke’n English) UK
21 DIGITAL (Metalheadz | Function | Phantom Audio | Timeless) UK
28 ELEMENTS 17TH ANNIVERSARY PARTY with residents Lenore & Fox, VJs Massta, BUZI , Bonk and Yegglet, + new tees!



Dieselboy makes his first Elements appearance in 4 years! As he’s been playing elements since our first year in ’99, we can say with certainty that Dieselboy one-ups himself every time and always sets it off like clockwork! Opening set by Fox. Cover $12.

Those who attended the November show and gave us your names, we’ll have you on a list. Please arrive by 11pm to ensure entry. See you soon!

Facebook Event

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Residents: Crook, Lenore & Fox
Visuals by Bonk, Jeff Mission, Ian Nault, Yegglet, Massta and Buzi