Residents Night Feat. MC Armanni Reign

This week, Crook, Lenore and Assembler join forces with MC Armanni Reign! This will be the 3rd time Armanni has enhanced resident night, and the last two have been off_the_chain. Come find out why Armanni is the MC of choice for Andy C, Goldie and Craze, and Photek! He's truly a transcendent MC/vocalist. Visuals by Bonk. Cover $5 before 11, $7 after.

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  • 01 Day of the Dead with Rubix (EC Army) Boston *dark/shadowy/sexy attire encouraged*
  • 08 dBridge (Exit | Autonomic | UK
  • 15 TBA
  • 22 Thanksgiving Throwdown!
  • 29 Residents Crook, Lenore & Assembler


  • 06 Klute (Commercial Suicide | Metalheadz) UK

19+ 10pm-2am Residents: Crook, Lenore & Assembler Visuals by VJ Bonk

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