One of the unsung heroes of New England Drum & Bass is a woman named Lenore. Djing since the dawn of dnb in New England in the 90s, Lenore is known and widely respected for her seamless style of mixing and commanding presence behind the decks. It doesn't matter the style of dnb, she does it all. Co-founding Elements in 1999, she represents the legacy of drum & bass with style, grace and class. Her night has brought in local, regional, national and international talent to Boston, building the reputation of one of the most prestigious dnb events in the country and the world.



Evan “v.Kash” Lukash has honed his skills as a visual projection artist for over a decade in the Boston area.  During that time, v.Kash’s ability to perform live manipulation of visuals to enhance the crowd experience has grown along with the demand for his performances. He has worked with such national and international acts as Avicii, the Crystal Method, Jonathan Davis of Korn, and Roni Size, while maintaining residencies at Dancing on the Charles, The Middle East, Sonia, and Elements (America’s longest running drum and bass weekly).  

v.Kash prepares a video palette to fit the musical act and venue, ensuring the proper visual accompaniment. He takes time to curate (and often create) video implements which he then uses as if they are notes on a piano, in order to create a visual symphony on any surfaces available. v.Kash is no stranger to screen projection, multi-screen displays, and projection mapping 3D surfaces, from stage backdrops, including self-fabricated pieces, to building facades. Creating the right mood through live visual manipulation to accentuate the music is the essence of v.Kash’s performance.

Always looking to incorporate new ideas into his work, v.Kash has added body painting, graffiti, and virtual reality to some performances in order to complete an all-encompassing audio-visual experience.  v.Kash has worked with local production companies including Beandream Productions and NV Concepts, as well as larger companies including RedBull, to tailor his visual performances to fit each crowd. v.Kash’s visuals have supported charity fundraisers, local musicians, and major touring acts across New England, and he has toured the East Coast, California, and London.




Fox has been a fan of electronic music since his early years, playing in a number of bands and later in college, learning how to DJ. But it was his love of industrial music and hip hop that came together in the sound of drum and bass, which became his passion. Fox's DJ skills were honed on his radio show, Sunday Mass on Kunninmindz and later at his drum and bass night, Shadow Technics, in Cambridge. Moving beyond being a bedroom producer, he started the Boston group The Statesmen with Furious, Hallifax, and Aske and had a number of releases on various labels. In 2012, he became a resident at the prestigious night, Elements, joining founders Crook and Lenore where he remains to this day. Fox's DJ style has evolved over the years to include a wide range of sounds. His tight mixing and varied song selection finds fans of all styles of drum and bass.