Skeptical is no stranger to elements. He's had a slew of releases on highly esteemed imprints such as Dispatch, Metalheadz, Soul:r and Exit Records. Exit became the home for 'Marka', a collaboration with Dub Phizix and Strategy, which went on to being a cross genre track and a DJ's pick for any dance floor worldwide while racking 5 million views on YouTube. Skeptical is also 1/5 of the inimitable collective 'Module Eight' with dBridge, Kid Drama, Loxy and Resound. His collaboration track 'Move Way' with dBridge was released on the legendary R&S Records, having been the first drum and bass track to come out on that label since 2000. Skeptical is also highly renowned for his technical Djing abilities, so you better rep for this mastermind's first stop on his first US tour! Opening set by Lenore. Visuals by BUZI. Cover $12

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