The legend Futurebound of Viper fame touches down at elements with an opening set by FiG (Sonic Beating | Tight Crew) and visuals by Ian Nault!!

Futurebound had early success on labels such as Moving Shadow, Infrared, Hospital and Breakbeat Kaos before launching his own Viper Recordings in 2004, now recognized as a powerhouse in the bass music scene. When Matrix & Futurebound combined their powers to unleash the seminal ‘Universal Truth’ LP in 2007, the skillful fusion of epic melodic soundscapes with heavyweight dancefloor production and original vocals defined a whole new era in DnB. Soon the likes of Justin Timberlake, Moby, Sasha, Swedish House Mafia and Skepta soon knocking at the door for remix duties and a whole new generation of acts such as ShockOne, Brookes Brothers, and Camo & Krooked inspired to follow suit. (Read on at http://www.circletalentagency.com/artist/matrix-futurebound )

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