Dom & Roland


October 18, 2018

The legendary Dom & Roland takes the helm! The last time he played elements was fire pon di dancefloor! Opening set by Rubix and visuals by v.Kash.

Dom grew up in West London and started listening to electronic music in the late 80’s. He started going to clubs in the early 90’s, when he met Nico Sykes a music engineer who introduced him to theidea of producing his own music. Soon after Dom bought a "Roland” Sampler and his name was set. Itwas not long before Nico set up record labels to release the steady flow of music he produced for his disciples who also included Ed Rush, Trace, RymeTyme and Fierce. No U Turn, Saigon and the“Techstep” sound was born. This sound went on to dominate the airwaves of the early nineties with big name Radio DJ’s like Fabio and Grooverider providing almost blanket coverage of their music.

Shortly afterwards in 1996 Dom signed to the legendary ‘Moving Shadow Recordings’ and signed athree album deal with them. As one of the labels most prolific artists his reputation was further cemented when he was chosen to collaborate on their 100th release, along with Rob Playford, and Goldie.

Dom’s production went from strength to strength and he was soon mixing and co - producing tracksfor others who didn’t have their own gear. Mutant Revisited and Sonar with Trace and Skylab andSubway with Ed Rush are now considered classics of the genre. It was for this first collaboration withTrace, that Dom created the famous ‘Tramen’ break - a break that has been sampled and used across genres by other artists ever since!

It was not long before Dom was travelling around the world Dj’ing as much as he was working in studios. He was making music for early games console releases with other electronic genre pioneers like Derek May for companies like Rockstar. The BBC and ITV regularly used clips of his music in TV shows and even for their theme music. The late John Peel was a fan and asked on a couple of occasions to record with him, although unfortunately due to their separate busy schedules this dream was never realised. He even got a congratulatory call once from David Bowie who was delighted thatDom had sampled his early classic “Lets Dance”.

In late 2005, having fulfilled his commitment to Moving Shadow, Dom started his own record label‘Dom and Roland Productions’. The label has been a home for Dom's solo work, collaborations witheveryone from Amon Tobin to Noisia and has seen the advent of new proteges such as Xanadu recently appearing on the roster as well.

With another 3 solo albums under his belt, on his own label, Dom has just signed his latest album toGoldie’s Metalheadz label. It was released on October 7th and sold out of vinyl versions within hours. Goldie was recently asked about "Last Refuge of a

Scoundrel" on Radio 1, and was quoted as saying “Dom’s new album...pfff well... it pretty much blows everything else away”. Mixmag gave it 10/10 and called it DnB album of the year. Further afield the electronic scene Laurent Garner called it "A very rare thing to come by, but every track on it isawesome!" It has been shortlisted for two “best album of 2016” awards , DJ magazine and Drum andBass Arena. And is hot favorite to win.

Dom remains to this day at the forefront of music technology and has always found himself happiestin the studio with his equipment. He is proud to have never ‘sold out’ to produce music just to bepopular, and remains at the pinnacle of the underground. He is highly respected by his peers as a result, even outside the drum and bass circle. He now also helps music software and hardware companies with testing and ideas for new and exciting innovative studio products in his spare time.