December 6, 2018

Don't miss the elements debut of Clothcutter aka Forest Bond, a man-to-watch from northern VT whose productions have been featured in mixes by everyone from TMSV to Bassnectar! And not only is he a producer that's been globally turning heads, but he's got the dj skills to match! Opening set by glowworm (Made in Boston | 4orce) and visuals by Jeff Backwards. Cover $7

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Through a sometimes lonely childhood spent in the rural wilderness of the tiny US state of Vermont (and often immersed in fantasy & science fiction), Forest Bond aka Clothcutter learned to forge connections to the outside world via the internet, a rare godsend for a curious but culturally isolated adolescent.

It was here that he discovered electronic music, and was particularly drawn to the emerging British sounds of the 90s: trip hop, rave, and drum&bass. Inspired by these discoveries, and informed by years of piano lessons, musical experimentation, and a good bit of messing about with computers & electronics in the garage of his parents' Vermont farmhouse, Forest eventually moved toward music production & DJing.

His sound is a reflection of both this journey and his natural Piscean orientation toward depth, music that is emotive & evocative, weaving themes rooted in classical & film score with trip hop sonics & song structure, dub- and jungle-inspired rhythms, and elements of the emergent styles reinventing UK dance music once more — footwork, halftime, and leftfield bass — made with an intentional reverence for the legacy of the art & the originators of the culture.

2017 & 2018 saw a string of Clothcutter releases via PGR, Onset Audio, Ground Mass, & Samsara Beats, each well received, garnering support from established artists like Bassnectar, Dela Moon, Anna Morgan, TMSV, Itoa, Lynch Kingsley, & Mark Kloud, as well as praise from reviewers:
“The gorgeous piano wash that opens the lead track, ‘Song for Éa,’ sets the tone for a serious, polished project. It's the work of an experienced architect. The main themes emerge slowly, the melodies are more classical than club music, and it sounds transcendent at high volumes.” (Seven Days)

“Blending halftime D&B, a pinch of footwork and that instantly recognizable vocal hook, ‘No Good’ has serious groove; fans of Fracture and the more experimental end of the D&B sound will be on this like a fat kid on a cupcake.” (DnB Dojo; the artist enjoys cupcakes & is accepting of all body types)

“‘Planet of the Apes’ exudes an undeniable force, stemming from the blend of a powerful snare and its abysmal echoes, a hefty minimal bass line and cries of monkeys lost in a sonic jungle. Clothcutter thus delivers a perfect example of drum & bass's continued ability to renew itself, rewriting the new themes of its history in each chapter.” (SeekSickSound)

2019 will see the Clothcutter project develop further as Forest continues down the path of self expression, and, in the process... moving people.

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