Elzwerth b2b ValDee - double bday set


May 3, 2018

Join us for a dual bday celebration featuring two adept tauruses from the M.A.D.E. Productions crew: Elzwerth and Val Dee! Opening set by Fox. Cover $5 before 11pm then $7


Elzwerth has been a staple of the east coast dnb scene for over a decade now. a high powered mutant from connecticut, he's an active member of our scene, representing m.a.d.e. productions, the national drum n bass collective of MIA DNB, and strictly underground. his sets always promise to be technically sound, funky & aggressive, and offering up a wide variety of tunes from all over the dnb and jungle spectrum with a dash of turntablism for good measure. there's never a dull moment in his sets as the effort is at max from start to finish. lighters up."

Val Dee ega earnin la iny '0 it his irs roductio ompany, raumati roductions. e learne .K. ardcore/HHC, n ransitione ru n as '06. Afte 5+ r hi cen he's earne ot n e an eopl nvolved. rom osting his ow vent and usi estivals to participating at his own or others, he's lway ove h de ein ar omethin igge han himself n ringin eopl ogether, hroug usi & ance!

"Embodyin verythin tan o avers, a e ontinue rov i ndying devotio hi ultur n raft." - ike arkay

David Fox