August 16, 2018

The one Artemis makes her elements debut, showing us how she does with drum & bass! Opening set by Lenore and visuals by Jeff Backwards. Cover $5 before 11pm then $7

Artemis of the Wildland is often found stalking through digital forests, hunting down captivating tunes with arrow like precision. As a fawn, Artemis was trained in classical violin and voice, giving her a diverse palate for more modern musical styles. Her journey through the forests of life has given her the chance to run alongside the Fractilian Nation as a core member of Fractaltribe, working on stage fabrication and decorations, music, vending freshly squeezed juices, and more. 

Through these special projects and her other gigs, Artemis has been able to transcend cultures and reach people from all walks of life. “I feel renewed and awakened in a way that I had previously never thought possible. This music is magic; teaching the body to move, the mind to listen, and the soul to let go. I hope to help my audiences feel this same magic I feel.”