Miztah Lex


February 7, 2019

Miztah Lex is no stranger to elements and this man brings some dancefloor heat! He's known for his seamless mixing, weaving in and out of various styles flawlessly while his background in hip hop is evident throughout. Don't miss it! Opening set by Siouxside. Cover $5 before 11pm then $7

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Miztah Lex is a living breathing underground Legend. The founding member of Elemental Compounds (EC Army) he is truly unique and original. A must see for anyone who calls themselves a Junglist, Miztah Lex has played every major drum & bass institution From Elements to Konkrete Jungle and Respect. He’s held down residencies at major drum & bass events and hosted/played radio shows across the country as well as most of the prominent online stations promoting Jungle and various styles of EDM and Hip-Hop in Boston, NYC and LA. He's sold records in 32 countries and has played a key role in marketing and promotion of Underground HipHop and Jungle/DnB of all styles. Miztah Lex has earned his props thru hard work and dedication to Jungle/Drum & Bass music and the culture surrounding it. He truly lives this shit.

Miztah Lex has been making a huge impact on audiences everywhere since his humble Boston beginnings in 1998. Always armed with a crate full of the hottest Jungle DnB tracks, various breakbeats, and dubplates, his sets, more often than not, include hard to find jams and Hip-Hop classics. His Hip-Hop background comes thru in his rugged mixing style. Lex infuses every mix and blend with raw emotion and the love he feels for the music. He always keeps the dance on it’s toes with a unique and clever mixing style that has consistently elevated him along his musical journey by keeping him connected his audience and the community. This man brings the SERIOUS dubplate pressure every time he plays and is a steadfast evangelist of the culture.